visual stories

future folk. a writer in every sense,

C R O W N is here to make document of our ways. with resonating penmanship and a distinct voice of fragility this sound cuts through, marrying minimalism with harmony to offer a fresh perspective on the singer/songwriter. 


Scottish bred but US based, CROWN’s last few years has been spent between New York + Los Angeles. recognized in this year’s round of Grammy nomination considerations, CROWN’s reputation for songwriting + artistic pursuits continue to grow.

'She conveys more lofty emotion in just a few lines than many artists can muster over a whole record.'

-Bearded Magazine

'While there are similarities to Stateside acts like Frank Ocean, she carves a niche all her own by implementing the very British stylings of Lamb, Portishead and Massive Attack.' - The 405

'Crown’s ambient, sultry sound marries soul-folk and RnB'- Hunger TV